I ordered two of these lovely Hand clips from Momolovespaper awhile ago and never got around to posting the pictures but it was such a fun experience I thought I'd post them here. I use the clips pretty much every day when journaling in my Travelers's Notebook, and have used much of the little extra's she sent along as well.


Traveler's Factory Tokyo Station Treasure

Hello everyone long time no see!
Thought I'd jump back into blogging by showing you what I guess is a stationary/journal haul.
A friend of mine and her husband were on a trip to Tokyo and very kindly brought back a bag of treasures from the fairly new Traveler's Factory store in the Tokyo Station.
Ever since I laid eyes via the internet on the Tokyo Station Edition of the Traveler's Notebook I new it would be mine someday. And all the other goodies they grabbed as well, washi tape, stickers, small notecards, postcards, and more.

 I'm over the moon in love with this notebook and just so happen to be finishing up with a notebook I use on a daily basis so seems like a good time to move into this one.

 Must admit I feel a bit guilty moving out of my brown Midori Traveler's Notebook, I've been using over a year now and I love it.  My guess is I'll move back and forth between the two.

I'm very lucky to have such good friends who were willing to have gone on such an adventure for me and my goal will be to someday soon visit the shop myself.
Cheers thanks for visiting!


This is one of the Holiday card designs I was working on, I thought I'd show you a work in progress shot. I did two designs and wow they took me forever to get done.

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