Ya know, I didn't get as much knitting done as I thought I would.
I did get the hat done.
Its the Corrugated Asymmetrical hat from Loop-d-Loop and the yarn is Rown Polar.

Goofy angle because I'm not sure I like the way it looks on me but I wanted to show you anyways.
I think I've made three or four hats for myself and have really only felt comfortable in my pink one. I made it a little over a year ago.

Like a lot of people I have been thinking about goals and such for the new year.
Really the ideas and goals I have are a continuation of a process that sort of began in the middle of last year.
And they are hard for me to describe but heres a try.

I'd like to be braver with my art.
Walking home today I was thinking about this. As I walk I see all these images, colors, and textures that I want to capture. So I take pictures (like below). What for? I'm not sure.

I want to draw, but I'm not drawing much. So today I went to a coffeeshop and sat with my fresh for the new year journal (yes it another one from my school days, and yes first year).

I felt so self conscious. I drew a little, read a magazine, read a little Drawing From Life for inspiration (By the way I love this book) . I had my book held in a way so hopefully people couldn't see. So I changed my method and just wrote down things I observed around me.
So I guess what I mean is braver in trying things out and not chickening out because I'm afraid of what people are thinking? saying? seeing? Writing this makes it seem silly.

Knitting. I love knitting and fashion. Another creative outlet that I'd like to experiment with. But I think I will always have simple, comfortable, following a pattern projects going.

Meditate everyday and live in the moment.

Be more patient with myself and other people.

I like having goals but want to enjoy the process more than anything else.

2006 sounds good to me.


wenders said...

I like the hat!

And I think sometimes taking pictures is so we can see patterns over time - what catches your eye this month may not be the same as in say, July. And I think that speaks volumes in and of itself.

I think you're brave to post your resolutions!

Jeanette said...

I wish you well becoming braver with your art. Allowing the creative voice within to speak and be heard gives it strength to grow and flourish. Do you ever share your work, or do you create for yourself?

Lissy said...

your knitting and goal-setting is an inspiration. I like that hat very much. Funny, I have that same book on my wishlist. I'm an avid journaler and want to incorporate more art and craft into it.

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