So its a few days after Valentine's day but I'll take a heart or two any day.

So this idea of moving has continued and is evolving.
I was talking to a friend and it seems that Seattle will be where I go first. Once in Seattle, learn how to drive, and explore. If I fall in love with another place, like a beachy California town, then I go there.
So I have the freedom to do this, and I think to keep this freedom I need to work for myself in some way.
The next step is to plan a trip to Seattle and maybe Portland, I think next month some time would be good.

In the knitting realm I have started another plain pair of socks. I picked Vesper in Tartan, its so cool, the colors have a vintagy look to them, yet they are bright and pop. I've realized I am pretty bored with all other projects besides my socks, so much so that I can't really remember what else I have going on. I'm taking it as a sign to ditch these projects. What is on my mind is Lara and some fuzzy green yarn I have in my stash. Crisis of Praxis is making Lara and I fell in love, with her sweater I mean. And you know its not just the finished product its also the construction. Its made in one piece, starting with a sleeve and ending with a sleeve.
Tomorrow is the beginning of a nice long weekend, starting with a knitting party tomorrow night, can't wait.
Night Night


wenders said...

I adore Seattle/Portland and am so jealous that you have the freedom to move. :)

And I am still jealous of Tartan. Just saying.

Lissy said...

I love the concept of your having that freedom, but am sad that you'll be leaving. But at least if you keep blogging, I can keep in touch with you, and I've always wanted to come visit that part of the country, so I could invite myself out there brazenly once you're all set up. ;)

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