Saturday was organizing paperwork. You know I think I had kept almost every piece of paperwork that came to me, or at least a damm good portion of it, for the last ten years. So unecessary, yet I just didn't know what I needed to keep and what I could let go of. Well I let go of most of it on Saturday and it felt so good. Bags and bags and bags of paper, good portion of it shredded. I still have a big pile of things to shred but thats okay, the shredding part is easy. Also trying to go paperless with all my bills now so I will get a lot less paper in the mail. Yippie. How did I do it ? Lets just say I had someone help me, big time.

I think if I shred for a bit everyday maybe I could get it done by Friday trash day. Its embarrasing how much useless paper I had hanging around, such the fire hazard.


jennifer said...

AHHHHHHH! i was shredding this afternoon as well, that is until the screeching woke up my babies. i can't stand all those credit card offers and preprinted stuff you get in the mail and am oh-so dying to declutter.

rock on, sista! you'll be done with it soon enough!

bitterknitter said...

Now I am motivated to clean out my bag of papers. I'll either trash it or file it. The cats are going to love this project!

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