Things of Influence.
So here are some images that I really love.
The photos are not very good but I think they get the point across.
Warm and comfy are words that come to mind. Hot chocolate, white, creams, light gray, cafe au lait.
What I really love in the photo of a photo below is the cup in a felted sleeve with marshmallows on hot chocolate. The cable scarf is good too.

Wow this image is blurry as hell, sorry. The cardigan looks to be knit the same way Lara is made, one sleeve to the next, and for some reason I just love her leg warmers.

So I bought this ceramic pot at Ikea and I think this might be part of what influenced me in using a white yarn for my next project. I love the simple shape and creamy white of the pot.

I actually made a book earier tonight. Its a very simple binding that is reusing the blank unused pages of an old journal I was never going to use again. I like it, though midways through sewing it I realized I was doing it wrong, oh well, its just for me to use. I seem to always make the same mistake when doing this binding after a long while of not doing it.

Lara's first sleeve is done and the little curly bits on each side are the beginings of the body of the cardigan. The increasing for it looks okay and I've got a fair amount of the recalculating done. I'm enjoying the process of making this sweater but the yarn is not the most ideal to knit with because it does not have a lot of give. I did have the tag of the yarn out so I could tell you what it is but Una got ahold of it and it is now in various pieces on my sofa and floor.

So as I was finishing my shopping at Whole Foods here is what I heard.
"Herald lets go, we have to keep moving. Herald lets go! We have other things to get. Herald! Step away from the bakery. Come on Herald. Herald! Step away from the bakery!!"
Oh my god I thought this was a woman speaking loudly to her child. It was her husband! The husband part is a bit of a good guess on my part.
It was very funny his eyes were glued to the pastry case.
I don't blame him, pastries rock.
Night Night

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