Feel kind of lame in the blogging department.
Mostly its that I have no photos, I'm photoless.
So here's whats going on:

-Still getting rid of stuff and the apartment is complete disaster, I guess my way of doing it is not very organized. Part of the problem is that I get the urge to purge and go thru my belongings find a pile of stuff to get rid of and then it sits in my apartment till I figure out how or where to donate it. A good friend has once again come to my rescue and offered to drive my stuff to a donation place.

-Dreaming about living in a nice, clean, calm, clutter free home. Sort of oposite of my place now, trying to get it together so when I move it won't be so difficult to achieve. Ordered Apartment Therapy in hopes of some help. The author of this book is a part of the apartment therapy blog.

-Did not knit so much over the weekend got completly sucked into a girly fiction novel.

-Found out there is a yoga conference in Boston in April and really interested in the day long intensive called Yoga Body, Buddha Mind.

-Might be able to make the above happen if I would just stop spending money on lots of small things like books, coffee, sugar, blah, blah.

-Have been reading this Seattle book and this one as well.

Well thats it for now, hope everyone is doing well , talk to you later.
Night Night


Christine said...

The apartment therapy blog looks interesting. You'll have to let me know if the book is helpful, I'm in the same situation you are, + one person, - one cat. I have a big pile on one side of my kitchen of stuff waiting to be purged. I mean, it's not really purged until it's out the door, is it? Quite a dilemma. :P

Lissy said...

Wow, they have books on EVERYTHING, don't they? Good deal. I am on an apartment purge myself. Threw away a ton of CD cases and swept in places that haven't seen a broom in many a moon.

bitterknitter said...

It is such a pain to get stuff to a donation place, but I feel too bad to throw most of it away. I hate that. Good luck with it, moving is the best motivator!

Lissy said...

I got rid of my scale by having Gary just leave it with the other trash. By the time I got downstairs (I leave for work about an hour later than he does), it was GONE! The North End has some majorly efficient, professinal trash pickers, and since I have no wheels, I'm thinking of putting stuff down on the street with a "take me" sign. I once acquired a whole wardrobe, not to mention most of my furniture, this way. ;)

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