Some cool things I've done in the city:
-Eat Thai Food, drink potent/delicious cocktails, and listen to awesome live jazz music all in the some place.
-Thievery Corporation in concert.
-Eat a red bean sesame seed ball from Pike Place Market.
-Ballard locks, lotsa boats and fish.
-Some amazing sunsets.
-Taken lots of pictures of colors, textures, patterns from the city. Don't know why but I love it, find it inspiring.
-Blue corn pancakes with pear syrup.
-Walking and more walking.


Lissy said...

Lovely list! What is that a picture of?

Jeanette said...

Seattle sounds wonderful, and I bet it won't feel like it is 110 degrees today.

amy said...

yum, blue corn pancakes? where did you come across those? sounds like you are enjoying seattle!

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