Things I like about my apartment and Seattle in random order;

-Recycling is easy. All set up in back of building and you can take your garbage out any old day you want, hell you could take it out several times a day. Boston people will know what I'm talking about.

-I do not have five flights of stairs to walk up every***** day.

-The ATM options are "Sure" and "No Thanks".

-The coffee is soooo good, espresso, regular coffee whatever, its so much better, I'm sorry I don't want to insult anyones coffee but it is so true.

-Washer and dryer in the building, each machine only costs a dollar, theres a place to hang clothing to dry, and shelves to store your detergent.

-The bus drivers are really nice.

-Peaple actually talk to each other on the bus.

-Lots of cute boys, oh sorry I mean men.

-I live really close to a yarn shop, okay I did before but this is even closer.


wenders said...

If you keep writing posts like this, you may get some neighbors from Boston to move out there! :)

Glad to hear it's going well!

Christine said...

I forgot about those ATMs. And frankly, my dear, you were drinking Starbucks (notirious in barista circles for buying so much coffee worldwide that they have to use low-grade stuff)in Boston for he most part. Are you still, or have you gone over to Seattle's Best?

bitterknitter said...

You've been there a month already! Seattle seems great, it is so friendly. I'm glad you like it!!

Lissy said...

It sounds like you are in nirvana. Or Xanadu. Or Eden. Whatever, it's your new home and I'm glad you're taking the time to notice and appreciate what's around you and relaying the info to us. Enjoy!

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