Sundays Are Trouble.
Seattle is so cool. Sunday started out fairly innocently, knitting at Cafe Fiore, you know good coffee, knitting, and conversation. But lingering in the back of my mind latley was the knowledge of Kinokuniya right here in Seattle, and I had that itch for some inspiring craft books. Well we went and it was so much fun. Below is a result of that fun.

I love this book, Fleuristes a Paris, ISBN 4072467065. Its all about flowers and flower shops in Paris, lovely and inspiring for my new job. This book is part of the same series that has Scandinavian Kitchens, Paris Kitchens, etc. , Jeu de Paume.

Below is Handmade Style Interior, East and West, ISBN 4072500569. Its artists home/studios, similar to Jeu de Paume books. All the spaces feel light, airy, handmade, and comfy. I am such a sucker for books like these, oh well, its time to go through books and rid myself of a few since I've aquired some latley. Thats the deal I made with myself, if I aquire new books I need to get rid of some.

This weekend I'm going to Port Townsend, my challenge tomorrow is to see if I can pack light. Think I'll just bring sock knitting with me.


Jeanette said...

Have a wonderful weekend getaway!

Lissy said...

I love your books and your visual sensibility. You live vicariously through the books and I live vicariously through you living vicariously through them!

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