Triple Score.
So this last Sunday I took a bus out to West Seattle to hang out on the beach and knit with a friend who lives out that way. Wouldn't you know it just as we're getting to the beach it starts to rain. So we had no choice but to go to the local yarn store to wait out the rain, seriously no choice.
The Yarn Gallery has lots, lots, and lots of yarn, yummy yarn, like I'm amazed I made it out of there with just three things.
Oh but the three things were total must have, been looking for finds.
The yarn below is what got me yearning to knit socks. I love the colors and it knits up in great chunky stripes. I haven't looked for this in awhile but when I did I couldn't find this colorway anywhere. I was so completly happy when I found this.

Its Fortissima Colori Socka Missoni which I ended up knitting my first pair of socks with in a different colorway.

My next moment of extreme happiness was when I found this Patons Street Smart pattern book, it has the Must Have Cardigan pattern that I have been drooling over for awhile. You can get this but I never really wanted to order just that online and pay the shipping.

To the left of the patternbook are Bryson double pointed needles that I have been wanting to try for awhile and will do so with the Missoni yarn.
So we never made it to the beach but the rest of our Sunday was spent eating really good cheap food and knitting outside on a front porch with a really cool view.
It was one of those good yarn tingling days.


Lissy said...

Impressive, divine haul. God enjoys giving us days like that, I'm sure. God, of course, under my philosophy, must be a knitter. :)

bitterknitter said...

Too bad for the rain, but it sounds like it all worked out well.

I love the stripes on your first is great to stumble across things that you want when you aren't particularly looking for them (I LOVE bryspun dpns!).

kitkatknit said...

I don't like DPNs generally but when I do use them I do love Brysons.

(Mini Cooper and Scooter owner - I noticed you like both)

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