So the rain has started here in Seattle. I swear I was beginning to think it was a myth or something because the summer was so lovely. Its really nice sitting here at the computer with Una, and listening to the rain come down.

Its an interesting time for me right now. Working in a flower shop, knitting, trying to figure some things out. Gotta say overall I'm having a really good time. Last night I had a dinner at Matt's In The Market and then to a DJ Shadow concert across the way. Definitly something new and I had a great time. This weekend I'm heading off to the San Juan islands for some relaxing, knitting, hot tubbing, hiking, and sitting by the fire. Oooh maybe I should pick up the makings for smores. Oh yeah.

I think I've come across about five or six of these knitted pieces so far. I love happening upon them, makes me happy.


wenders said...

I would love to run into some knit graffiti! Of course, I don't actually want to KNIT the graffiti! Glad to hear that Seattle is still lovely - and I love the picture of the wee kitty.

Christine said...

Una is getting so big!

I am so jealous of your rain.

Jeanette said...

That sounds wonderful. Enjoy your weekend!

desperateknitwife said...

hi mara! i'm finally back from all my weekend getaways, knitting festivals etc etc. hope to get together soon, nic

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