Saturday morning I stopped at a church rummage sale and found some pink knitting needles and row counters, all for a dollar.

The white needles I found in an antique mall in Boston, I think they might be bakelite ,not sure, they are however wonderful to work with. The pink needles feel very similar to the white ones but really have no idea about them, and row counter is just so cool and vintagey, on the side it says made in england.

*Message To The Knitting Gods.*
Okay, okay, I hear you. Finish what I've started.
So I had to pull out the beginnings of the fleece artist socks yet again. Something like the the fifth start of some sort. I knew it was coming out a tad on the big side but dang this sucker was way to big, I don't know what I was thinking, some sort of kntter in denial mode, just kept knitting till it was hard to miss.
So here's the deal knitting gods, I cast on for a pair of simple socks for bus knitting, but when I'm at home I'll stick with the wip's, okay? All the wip's are too big to work on the bus with.

I think I've lost it, my mind that is.

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Lissy said...

Congrats on your score. To find out if something is made of Bakelite, rub it vigorously to get it heated up from your hand and then smell it -- it should smell kind of chemical-like. I've always been interested in Bakelite and that's always mentioned in the articles I've read.

I've been neglecting one particular pair of socks that I really want to finish, and you're inspiring me to get on with it.

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