Could Someone Remind Me.

Uhhh. Where did I move to recently? Chicago? Boston?

I thought it was Seattle but the snow and cold sure seem more like the other towns I've lived in.
The last photo is from tonight and man were the snowflakes huge. Bigger than a quarter. Really nice.


Jeanette said...

Wow how lovely. To make matters better or worse for you, I was able to leave my home today, in Boston, without a coat. It is the end of November! Seems like the weather is screwed up all around.

bitterknitter said...

First you move away from us, and then you convince the snow to follow you! I'm jealous. I want snow soooo J I walked to work today in short sleeves without a coat.

wenders said...

Emily and Jeanette beat me to it... it's WARM here! :)

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