Oodles of projects underway or almost underway.
Below are a couple of experiments.
The orange/red yarn is Panda from Silk City and its cotton, bamboo, and elastic nylon. Wanted to try materials for bikini's. We'll see. Unknown territory here.

The aqua blue is from Silk City as well and its 100% bamboo. Really like the feel and drape of this yarn and hope to make this into a cardigan soon. The pattern for this has been taking a while to write up because I decided to take on the set-in sleeve. Ugh, I have never been that good at sewing in set-in sleeve's, and designing them is a headache. It seems like it will get much easier once I come up with a formula I like.

The velvet ribbons are inspiration. The fabric store in my neighborhood has a little back room that is full of ribbons, I usually just go in for some eye candy but the other day I could not resist these two.

Today I packaged up a bunch of goodies and sent off the last package to the person I'm spoiling for the SP10. Its been fun planning and gathering all the stuff to put in the box. Hope they like.

Seems like I might be going to New Mexico next week, will find out for sure tomorrow.

Night Night

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