In a wierd sleepy, groggy funk today. Just now I'm getting my first cafe au lait in me today and its 12:30! Things can only get better now, in my cafe, coffee in hand, and nice breeze coming in the window next to my table.

Finally close to finishing my bamboo cardigan. I so suck at designing and sewing in the sleeves, but hopefully I'll get better. What you see below is me seaming together the shoulder's on the machine, and it worked really well, yippy! Today I'm going to crochet the collar and search out some buttons.

So I've added to my little Jeu de Paume collection recently with Appartements d'amoureux a Paris and.........

Stockholm's Garden

These books are really inspiring to me, so much eye candy. Sometimes I see a tiny little image and I'm drawn in and get a really good vibe from it . So the below object is a result from one of these vibe things. This was a lot of fun and want to do much more with this. I have some old postcards from the early 1900's and eventually want to do a few of them like this, but I need to practice a bit first.

I just noticed they are listing Paris Kitchen 2, hmm that's new, might have to go and see if my local source has this in stock.

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