I've had this book forever, it was my mother's and has been sitting amongst the knitting books sort of forgotten. I think I initially pulled it out again to look at the illustrations, but now I'm curious about the technique as well. The instructions assume you already know a lot of things, and, well, I don't. The book is from 1923 and look of the book is very Art Deco, when I get a chance I'll take some more pictures to post.

A little while ago I discovered the ribbon room in the back of the fabric shop in my neighborhood, it's row upon row of lovely colorful ribbon. One day I was in there buying a few yards and the woman working there told my about The Artful Ribbon by Candace Kling . Its a lovely book with photographs of old ribbonwork that is amazing, and her instructions are easy to understand, yippee. To make it even better Candace Kling is teaching a workshop at the fabric shop in September.

I'm not sure where I'm going with all this flower making business but I enjoy it so I'm going with it.

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themoldydoily said...

I adore all of your ribbon masterpieces!
you should start making little headbands for them. I can be your first sale

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