The Bamboo Cardigan is Finished.

The verdict? Its alright, more pleased than I thought I would be and I will definitely wear it.
Everything except for the crochet edging was done on the machine.
The yarn was Silk City Yarns Bambu 7 and the pattern was my own.

The bamboo is really soft, slinky, and extremely comfy.

The oodles and oodles of green buttons. Thought it might look silly and weigh too much, but it seems to be fine and I like the look.

The sort of ruffled crochet buttonband.

After washing it was really easy to make adjustments to the fit of the cardigan which was a little snug in a few places.

The bamboo. Its heavy and the finishing was a !@#!@#!@# pain in the !@#!@#!@#. It was pulling so much at the top of the sleeve seam I had to go back and reinforce it, and it's still bad there. I think the solution would have been to seam them together on the machine like I did the shoulders, but I found the process intimidating and I wanted to sit in my favorite chair and watch a dvd while I did it.

The design of the armhole and sleeve, this part always kicks my butt in design and finishing, hopefully practice will improve it all.

Slight mottling of color after washing. I admit I did not look into washing instructions so it might be my mistake. It was really drastic when it was wet and is practically gone now that its dry but its still there a bit.

The bamboo again. It wrinkles very easily. Which might not be an issue if I had a steamer.

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