Inspiration and Ideas.
Apologies for the long absence, I blame it on a bad cold and lack of inspiration. Have no fear though with recovery comes inspiration and some motivation.

Here's a little list of things that make me go "OOooh thats yummie!"

-While its not my favorite movie in the world I find myself watching Marie Antoinette over and over again. Its pure , lovely , luscious eye candy.

-Vintage beads on wire.
-French-Inspired Jewelry: Creating with Vintage Beads, Buttons & Baubles I'm not necessarily wanting to make the projects in this book but again its really great eye candy with lots of vintage notions.
-Pink in every shade and tone possible. Gimme more pink please!
-All the flowers that Sarah Jessica Parker's character wears in "Sex and the City". I've been working my way through the dvd's beginning with season one.
-Glass leaves I found in a bead shop the other day, which you see in the photos below.

I also got these pin findings at the bead shop and I think they will do well for flower corsages.

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