Oodles of Flowers.
Oh I got in trouble the other day, and it was in the ribbon room again.

These lovely things in the images below are berries, I think, and they were used in hat making. Wait it gets better, they are a very thin glass made in the 1920's in Japan! I tell ya I went ga ga over them. I don't know why but these things just excite me so much.

So in writing this post I discovered that I never published the post about the stamens you see below. I could swear I published it but all I could find was a draft, who knows, apologies if this is a repeat. Anyways I got these way back in early September and it was love just like the glass berries. They were made in France in the 1920's and its that lovely old glass glitter.

If you look close you can see that I used a few of them for this silk flower, just a bit of sparkle.

These two lovelies below will become pins in the next few days.
The first one is made from a strip of bias cut silk that they sell in the ribbon room (it comes in some amazing colors), and the second one is from some velvet I got at an estate sale.

That's all for now.

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