Knitting and Cats.

The project below is a top down cardigan and I'm totally into it. Its the same yarn that I made Bejeweled Scarf earlier this year. Its the Sable colorway and I got it awhile ago at Webs at a really good price. Its a wonderful cafe au lait color and in this photo it looks like a tween but actually it sparkly! I'm really drawn to sparkly things these days.

I've since separated the body and sleeve and plan on continuing the yarn over design on the body and sleeves where the seams would have been. I'm working the sleeves in the round using double pointed needles and its going along quite fast.

I've have finally come up with a name for the little one below, Dallas Melvil. A quirking name I know, but it totally fits him and there is some fun personal meaning behind the choices.

It's been taking some time for Una to adjust to life with Dallas but that was to be expected, and I think she's been doing very well. She has relaxed a lot and has even occasionally played chase with Dallas.

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Vegan Pi said...

He is such a cute kitty! And Una is as lovely as ever.

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