For The Next Project.

My next , or should I say one of my next hand knit projects, is going to be a short sleeve cream cardigan. Definitely going to be done in the top down method again and definitely going to gave the pebbly texture of reverse stockinette stitch or garter. All the rest I'm still hemming and hawing over. Below is my experimenting.

Here are some links showing where I'm getting my inspiration: Chunky Knit Shrug from Anthropologie, and the short sleeve version of thisKnitted Cardi from Topshop which I saw a post about on Coquette.

Another inspiration in my knitting these days Kim Hargreaves Heartfelt , OMG, this book is lovely. I believe this book is just available on her web site. I love every design in the book, and I would like to knit them all. It's also very inspiring and really makes me want to create my own pieces as well, not sure why. What I do know for sure is that this book was worth every penny, or should I say every pound. You can view all the designs on the Kim Hargreaves site.

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Jeanette said...

I am envious over your copy of Heartfelt! Some day... Hopefully it will be available in the US soon.

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