I seem to have a problem finishing a few projects, you'd think with this extra long weekend we just had I'd have accomplished some of these things. Nope, not a one. First up, the grey sweater, actually its called Dune, soooo close. Just need to sew in the ends, block, and take care of the problem area on the back of the neck. The design on each side of the fronts went up and around the neck and met in the back. Well they did'nt meet very well, its bugging me. So close to being done.

So I finally found a winter coat, searched high and low and yesterday found a winner. I got it at Ann Taylor Loft, strange, not my usual shopping choice. Anyways it perfect, a nice brown and cream tweedy twill, and the key was that it would work with lots of different color hats, gloves, and scarves. Which brings me to the blue scarf, a couple of ends to sew in and blocking.

Finally there's Cosmopolitan, not up for a picture yet, the pieces are all done, but have'nt started any of the finishing.
I love knitting, which means I have a cat, and his name is Metro. He's reading knitting blogs in this picture.

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bitterknitter said...

Such a cute kitty!! That is the perfect coat for you; coats are such a pain to shop for.

I like your blog. See you tonite.

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