So I wanted to talk about this book. I LOVE THIS BOOK.

Lotta is Swedish, but lives in California. As far as I know this book is only in Japanese, with bits of English.

This book has so much visual icandy that it almost does'nt matter that I can't read most of the text, I would love to read the chocolate cookie recipe. It really inspires me, it makes me want make art and crafts for a living. To combine, art, creativity, with everyday life. I look at this book and I want to make cool books (I'm a bookbinder so thats a given), knitted pieces, dress to express myself better ( thru color, textures, uniqueness), and create a home to that inspires me to do all this stuff. Lotta has a very cool online store and you can buy this book there. I bought mine at Yesasia because a was buying other craft books as well.
Today I went to my LYS and bought some Cotton Fleece, T-pins, and hook & eye closures.

The Cotton Fleece is a going to be a gift for a friend who has been ill. Its going to be a rectangular shawl and , well, thats as far as the idea has got. I've done Clapotis, so something like that, simple and elegant. Any ideas?

Thougt I might need more t-pins because tomarrow I plan on washing and blocking dune and the blue scarf ( see my 2st post for pics). Today I fixed the neck and tonight I plan on sewing in the MILLIONS of ends( I swear they must have multiplied when I put it down for so long). Hoping a hook and eye closure will work on dune instead of a tie.

Also stopped in at H&M today and picked up these really cute mushroom pins.

The sock. Hmmmm still thinking about it, leaning towards starting on second colorway on larger needles. Somebody asked about the yarn, yes it is Fortissima Missoni, check out my 1st post to see how I discovered it. Thinking I might order more. Maybe I should try to finish making a PAIR of socks first.


Lissy said...

That first picture looks like the doodles you do. No wonder you like that book -- you and she are doing the Vulcan mind meld!

bitterknitter said...

No ideas for the Cotton Fleece, but I do love the color. Maybe you should just start the next pair of socks and leave this one as a single. That way you can put off deciding what to do with it!

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