Did I not say there were millions of ends? At any rate I got them all, and it wasn't that bad at all. Yesterday I washed and blocked both the cardigan and the scarf.

Overall I am happy with Dune, but there are things about it that bug me.
-For the style of sweater I think I should have knit the smaller size, the waist shaping looks funny.
-its a little victorian looking.
-love the sleeves but can't help thinking they are a bit bat girl like.
-I did a crappy job sewing in the sleeves, they are somewhat heavy and right where they meet the shoulder it pulls down, enough for me to see the sewing, yikes, think I'll go back in and reinforce those areas.

I really do like it, really, especially the back, its super comfortable, much happier with the neck as well. Ended up pulling out about six rows at the neck seam and then did a three-needle bind-off.
Kind of don't think I'll like the hook and eye closure now that I've tried it on, so for now I'm not going to attach it. Have thought of making a tie for it, like this, hmmmm will ponder this. Will post info for Dune in a day or two.

The scarf turned out well and I think I'll wear it a lot this winter. So basically I wash my knits by putting them in a lingerie bag and throwing them in the washer , cold water, with the rest of my laundery. I know, it careless, but thats how I usually do it. However I will not be washing this scarf like that again. It felted a bit, a bit scary when I first pulled it out of the bag but it got better when I blocked it out. whew. SSSooooooo glad I found that out now and not with the sweater I will soon be sewing together. The yarn is Rowan Kid Classic, a really nice soft yarn.

I promise if I take pictures in this mirror again I will clean off the toothpaste. Night Night

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Lissy said...

I love the sweater, Mara. It looks comfortable. If it were smaller, it might feel less so. I loooooove Victorian things, so I'm probably biased. The scarf is lovely, too.

Glad to know someone else also has trouble with their bathroom mirror. For me, the problems begin when I start to floss (gross!) Giggle. :)

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