So not sure if this makes sense but I started on a second sock but different colorway and I went up one size with the needles. Ladder thing was back a bit in the ribbing but better with the stockinette stitch. Knitting on 3's instead of 2's feels much better on the hands, I prefer the metal needles as well. Think I need to just keep going, enough stopping and starting. When I finish this one I will compare.


bitterknitter said...

That totally makes sense to me...now you can see which you like better. I like the big stripes that the yarn is doing. See you tonite!

Lissy said...

You have sock angst, my dear, no doubt about it. The important thing is for you to enjoy what you're doing, so I'm glad you have chosen a new way of doing it. Socks really are fun and very mindless. And their portability alone argues strongly for their existence in our knitting repertoir. Just as long as you don't have to be fitted for a sock yarn straight jacket!

Christine said...

I have sock angst myself, so I relate. That new sock looks fun.

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