Have you seen this show? Small Space, Big style on HGTV. Maybe not for you if you live in a big house, still its got some pretty cool design ideas. Sometimes the commentators can be annoying but overall its good. Love interior design books and magazines, but a lot of the shows are not to my tastes so when I found this one I was a happy camper. A couple of other interior design shows I love are on Fine Living Network, the first one is Dwell (just as cool as the magazine) and Sheila Bridges. Right now I just catch an episode here or there on On Demand but I'm thinking of upgrading my cable soon. Better TV to knit by.
So I found this page in Elle Decoration( the Bristish one) and just about drooled on it. I love the colors, yummy, yummy colors, and the sweater has got me thinking about cables, hmmmm havn't done them in awhile, hmmmmm.

Slow on the knitting front, the sock is making progress , hoping to finish the heel tonight. The MNSS cardigan is almost done, halfway done with second sleeve, yippy. Well I got to wash my hair and knit some more so night night

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Lissy said...

I love interior decorating design mags, but I HATE those shows. I don't understand why, but that's just the way it is. Glad you're still making progress on your sox. You're part of the sorority of sock makers now!

I finished that shawl I was making the other night and am glad it's going to a good home. Also glad it's done! I started it over a year ago. Phew!!!

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