Well this weekend I did not get in as much knitting time as I had wanted to but I did make some progress. So close to finishing MNSS cardigan, hoping tonight to at least finish knitting the second sleeve, then its just the finishing, yeah. Past the heal on the sock but mnss got in the way.
So ahh I don't think I mentioned that I uhhh ordered some yarn last Sunday , yup, I ordered yarn, I don't need this , I could not resist this, I have had Rowan Big Wool on my mind though, I am a bad bad money spender. But did I mention it was on sale? Yup on sale these big beautiful balls of yarn were about five dollars less than usual price. Just couldn't let the chance to own eight lovely Big Wools. I got them from Purl and they wrapped them up all pretty.

So when I finish mnss cardigan I will swatch. Definitly a cardigan but I also love Teva Durham's Lace Leaf Pullover, hmmm not sure.

Tonight I dragged myself to yoga class, hadn't gone in over two weeks. I love yoga but all I 've wanted to do lately is sit at home ,eat cookies,knit and pet my cat. Maybe its the change of season. Anyways I'm glad I went, it was hard but fun. I like the teacher he tells you to yawn a lot, and wow when you're focusing on your body and you yawn it feels soo good.
So I walked around a lot this weekend and took some pictures thought I 'd share. I have several photos of harts on the street already it seems I'm starting a collection of sorts. And despite being sick of the rain I do love how it make all the colors deeper and richer.


Lissy said...

Lovely pics, Mara. I collect pictures I like, too.

bitterknitter said...

Ooh, my one wool experience was Big Wool in that same made a very nice hat with leftovers that went to Lissy! It will be fun to see what you do with 8 of them.

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