Woo hoo I finished my second first sock. I'm wearing it right now, its so comfy. Room for lots of improvement but overall I'm happy with it . It's so funny how I got to the red color just as I was finishing the toe, sorry for the blurriness. I've heard about this problem people have , the one-sock-syndrome. Out of fear of getting this I'm going to cast on for the second sock tonight, plus I need some knitting for my commute.

So I'm definitly going to pull out my very first sock and reknit it after I have a completed a pair in this colorway. I can't wait to wear a pair, I don't want to take off this lone one as it is. When I finish the other one I'll have to wear it on its own for a little while to even out the wear, no no no I won't do that, I don't think.
Anyways MNSS cardigan is almost done, second sleeve done, next step is to tack down the hems on the sleeve and bottom. Not sure about this mostly because I've never done it before. Think I'll search out some how-to's.
Also wanted to mention that when making the sock I found Terri Lee Royea's Socks 101 site very helpfull, especially the kitchener stitch.
Last but not least a sweet blurry picture of Metro.


wenders said...

Congrats on finishing the first sock! I finished up a baby sweater this week and think that socks are going to be my next project, especially since it seems like now we have some pro's at our Wednesday night group, so maybe y'all can help me. :) See you next week!

Lissy said...

Congratulations, Mara! Shweet! Sockage is so satisfying.

Jeanette said...

YEAH! Congrats on the sock! If you wanted to get really funky, you could wear one sock in each of the colorways at the same time :)

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