Yuuuk, So not into my first try sleeve hem. Not sure if its my tension when tacking it down or that it looks bulky there, or both. Will blocking help? Not sure. Never done this before. Love the way it looks in Knit and Tonic's photos. Uggg getting frustrated. Can I please be a master finisher instantly? No? okay I'll let it go, try hemming the other sleeve and see what happens.

So I've been playing with my new Rowan Big Wool. Latley I've been into super simple stuff, but now I'm in the mood to kick it up a notch. But in swatching the Big Wool I'm thinking this is not the yarn to do that with. All I really wanted to do was add a cable on each sleeve, so far its not showing up, I think my next experiment will be a mega big cable cause this four stitch one is not showing up. The lazy part of me wanted a four stitch cable because I could just hold the stitches down with my finger and not use a cable needle. So maybe I'm just wanting to kick it up half a notch.

I took this picture last night as I was walking home from knit night. The blue and green were just so beautiful. I have to say I love knit night , I look forward to it every week. Fellow knitters, coffee, and knitting , it can't get any better.

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Lissy said...

In re knitting night, you forgot to mention cookies! That's what you really like, yes? ;)

I'm glad you tote your camera around because I don't get to see much of the city anymore.

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