Sooo close to finishing my socks , I guarantee a photo tomarrow. Yep I think I've been bitten with the sock knitting bug. Yesterday I was in Cambridge and I stopped by a yarn store looking for double pointed needles, well they didn't have what I was looking for but they had this lovely sock yarn. Its Lana Grossa Meilenweit Scala, its yummy.
This afternoon I was sitting here with my soy latte and reading blogs.I found further inspiration for making socks at Dogs Steal Yarn, beautifull socks and other knits. I was also reading purl drops and she has lots of good knitting links. One of which is the free issue of knitnet, I guess normally it a paid subscription thing. Anyways its got lots of patterns and articles. I think the shawl pattern, Purple Dawn, is a good candidate for the Cotton Fleece.
So Metro sitting at the computer with me is becoming a habit, I know this is similar to the first photo I showed of him but I could not resist another.The top half of him is on the desk and the bottom is on my lap.

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Lissy said...

They say we become like our pets, but in your case, I think Metro is becoming like you! So glad you're a sock nut now.

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