Do you like cupcakes, please say you do , please check out this blog, Cupcakes Take The Cake. I'm drooling over the red velvet cupcakes. There's also a picture of Whole Foods chocolate cupcake, damm , I live practically across the street from one , no I will not do it , I've already had my sugar intake for the day , the latest was a Venti Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks ( I swear it was nonfat and no whip, oh wait he put on a little whip, guilt). Let it be known my addictions are yarn, coffee, and sweets. Maybe I should have named my blog knitcakecoffee.

So it occured to me the other day that I am a third generation knitter, my grandmother, my mother, and me. How cool is that? Unfortunately, I did not start knitting till after they had both passed away, still its a special thing for me, comforting somehow. Knitting is a family thing, I love that. The photo's are my mom's needle holder, very psychedelic, a lot of the needles inside were hers as well. Somewhere stashed away I have a unfinished knitting project ( that runs in the family as well) of my grandmothers, if I recall its a knit skirt suit in a bluish tweed.


wenders said...

OMG. There's an entire blog about cupcakes?! Why am I surprised...? I love it. Now I want a cupcake...Thank goodness I walk by BOVA'S on my way home!

Jeanette said...

I love the fact that you are following a family tradition, and love the photo of all of your mom's needles, that is amazing!

Lissy said...

Why not name it knitcoffeecake? That incorporates one more yummy guilty pleasure!

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