Its funny how fast a knitting project can take a turn for the worse. That seems to be the case for my Rowan Big Wool top down cardigan. I finished knitting yesterday and it might be a ripper, maybe, not sure. The neck is too open, I wanted an open neck , but this might be fall off your shoulders open neck. I'm doing a slip stitch around the whole neckline and I'll put some buttons on and see.
So the second Scala sock got a bit neglected over the last few days due to the top down cardi, but I am doing the heel gusset tonight so some progress has been made. I think I will not be able to resist Vesper Aqua Melon for my next sock project.
I could not resist showing you Metro's pink nose. Today its a soft pink, it changes pinkness here or there.


Christine said...

I see you also have a furry knitting supervisor.

Lissy said...

I absolutely love random cat pictures. Like random parts of their bodies, I mean.

Your pictures are as interesting as your knitting. That's a good mix.

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