Self Portait Tuesday

Exploration of Self
I think I chose this photo because of its vagueness, and this is how I feel about my identity right now. Its not good or bad its just where I'm at.

A crochet hook saved the day.
Never thought I would say that about a crochet hook but I cannot deny it . I wish I'd taken a picture before I did the slip stitch around the fronts and neck because it made all the difference, plus it took like 15 minutes. Going to do the same thing around the bottom edge to hopefully stop it from curling so much.

I think I'm going to be sidetracked by winter accessories. I May Be Knitting A Ranch House made the cutest hat, plus its a really quick knit. Unfurnished Brooklyn made a beautiful scarf with several strands of similar color yarn knit together. The scarf idea has been simmering in my brain ever since I bought Last Minute Knitted Gifts Once again British Vogue is influencing me as well. Just look at that wool shrug.


Christine said...

The sweater is really coming together! Can't wait to see it when it's done.

bitterknitter said...

Your sweater looks great! I'm glad that the crochet helped it.

la vie en rose said...

great self pic...i do love the blurry effect.

Lissy said...

I love the pic. Keep them coming.

I just love that scene in Breakfast at Tiffanys when she is knitting and says "I think the blueprints to Jose's ranch may have gotten switched with my knitting pattern. I may be knitting a ranch house!"

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