Happy Day After Thanksgiving.
Yesterday I had a lovely day of eating, hanging out with friends, knitting, walking around, and lazing around.
I took these photo's on my way over to Emily's yesterday for a yummy meal.

This blue eyed doll was a bizarre and beautiful find.

It rained in the morning but cleared by the afternoon. These bottles in the trash just gleamed at me.

I love the North End.
Well I finished knitting my second pair of socks, yippy yeah yahoo! Knitting socks are just making me so happy. I will post a picture tomarrow (the one's I took tonight sucked big time).
I'm hoping to sew on buttons, wash, and block the Rowan Big Wool top down cardigan ( should have given this a nickname way back when) either tomarrow or Sunday.
Night Night.


Lissy said...

I was looking at the Last Minute Gifts book today at the library and saw a couple of patterns that intrigued me. I wonder if I can borrow yours? I'll be back mid-December. I think on the 15th.

I love going to the public library when I'm home visiting my parents. Makes me wonder why I never went there as a kid. I applied for a card and checked out Alice Starmore's Aran Knitting (drool). Just want to pet it and love it while I'm home -- I'll return it, honest!

As usual, great pix. Love that doll.

wenders said...

That doll is great - and that store with the hat/dog creeps me out every time I walk by... :)

The socks look awesome!

Happy Thanksgiving, a few days late!

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