My second pair of finished socks.
I love them, the toes came out a bit different but they fit the same, kind of like them a little different. Put them on this morning to take a photo and never took them off, they are very comfy.
The yarn I used is Meilenweit Scala , color 6535, by Lana Grossa. One ball was plenty, I have quite a bit left over, and I used #2 double pointed aluminum needles. Used the same pattern from Ann Budd's book.
The Aqua Melon yarn was just itching for me to start knitting with it but I resisted its call till this morning. Decided to use the same pattern again, I know so boring, but it seems I'm in the mood to make simple socks with the yarn doing all the talking. Ahh the yarn is saying " I got the colors baby not need for any of those fancy stitches". Anyways.... I actually started out using a toe up pattern, but I lost patience pretty fast, so I went back to the usual pattern.

I know , I know , I need to clean my desk.
Attempted to go Christmas shopping today. Completly failed , the crowds got the better of me, ran back home determined to do the rest of my shopping on the internet. Starbucks was okay though, had a very good latte with a couple of pumps of mocha, good good good.


Lissy said...

That new sock yarn looks yummy. Lissy want! I saw a neat sock book at the library today, by Nancy Bush -- I wonder if it's the one you're using? It's called Adventures in Knitting, and I definitely plan to get it. I'm ready to stray from my basic sock pattern.

bitterknitter said...

Pretty socks! There is absolutely nothing wrong with using the same pattern more than once, especially on such perfectly stripey yarn.

Christine said...

That sock yarn looks like it would excellent with some Cool-Whip...Mmmm

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