Self Portrait Tuesday
Exploration of self.
So I mentioned something in an earlier post about not feeling girly latley, or maybe I want that part of me to be more evident. So I painted my toes and watched "'Singing In The Rain". Superficial but it kind of helped.

So I going to start doing SPT and I'm excited.


wenders said...

I LOVE SPT, but don't do it myself. AND, I have Saturdays where all I do is watch princess movies and re-organize my shoes. That falls under the 'superficial but makes me feel good' catagory, too. You go, girl! :)

Jeanette said...

What is SPT?

Lissy said...

I have that movie on my to-do list since it's free on Comcast on demand. I am so girly it's sick. I only have to get up in the morning to summon that character trait!

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