So I entered the ATOTY (autumnal tree of the year) contest at work , don't look at me that way its fun! Everybody votes and this is the first year I've entered.

There are two of my favorite neighborhood things in this picture. The car, I think its appropriate to say it rocks, and Upper Crust, really really good thin crust pizza. Both have been in area at least as long as I have been.

Such a silly photo for a sleeve but I could not stop myself and since I've taken this pic I've had "Stop In The Name Of Love" song in my head.

I'm happy with it, ended up decreasing a bit but still roomy at the wrist.


wenders said...

What great pictures - good luck with the contest. We have one at work, too, and I am planning on entering some of my pictures from my knitting cruise. See you tomorrow!

Lissy said...

How does this contest work? I'm not feeling to bright today, and I'm confused all the time.

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