What a fun day, so many cool colors , fun new experiences, and discoveries.

First off sock one of my second pair of socks is done. yippie yeah yahoo.

Sorry knitting photos are lacking because they would be very , very , boring at this point.
But I have made progress;
-Top down Rowan Big Wool cardigan is at the stage where the body and sleeves get seperated. This has been a fun learning process. Think I'll do the sleeves before the body of the sweater and I'm going to do them with seams.
-MNSS cardigan, another top down project, well this one sat in a clump on my sofa for a couple of weeks. I was having hem issues but I think I've gotton over it. Forced myself to take it to knit night this last Wed. , and made myself take it out of the bag and work on it. My fellow knitters kindly told me to GET OVER my hem issues, and that it was looking okay. Thanks guys.

Today I stopped by Pearl and they had some good colors of felts. More flowers to be made this weekend.

Also needed some more markers, think I was in a pink mood.


Cutie said...

Hi Mara, Knitcake, Cutiepie!

Thankx for loving my site... it appreciates it greatly... yes the shrug is super duper easy, click the link on my blog or go here: to find the julsey723 pattern. she is amazing for creating stuff.

I haven't tried a top down patterns yet, I am actually going to soon, I have just ordered yarn for it, and it should be here soon. I am going to make Picovoli, and also get some yarn to make my own raglan sweater ala glampyre... yes I have looked at her stuff and I love it... there are not enough hours in the day, cuz I love to knit all the darn day long! Ack...Ummm okay... hopefully you will start a KAL for top down sweaters from glampyre... hint hint...

Jeanette said...

Mara, Congrats on getting your sock done! Looks fabulous!

Lissy said...

I love buying markers and craft supplies! If you make a return visit to Pearl, can I come with? I love that they have dollhouse stuff. :)

The sox look absolutely perfect!

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