Yippie. I picked up the new issue of Livingetc at Borders . This is my favorite magazine. I think British interior design and fashion magazines are a gazillion times better than American mags. As soon as I typed that I thought of Dwell, anyyyways. So basically I cut down my magazine buying so I could buy a few British magazines a month. I have a routine with my magazines , I buy , look and read through at home, take to work, look at my mags and knit on my coffee break. I have a small collection of them under my desk and they go in rotation.
Okay so I was reading , ah I mean looking, through Elle and came across this sweater .

Its a wardrobe updater, yeah baby just what I need. Actually I think I need an overhaul, feeling plain, frumpy , tomboyish, very ungirly. Yes I know a sweater is not what will make that all better. BUT it is a cool sweater and chicknits has her cutaway pattern for sale , I think I might have yarn in my stash, yes IN MY STASH, that would be perfect for it . Carrieoke made a lovely cutaway, hmmm yes this is definitly a possibility.
Oooh its time to start thinking about Christmas gifts. I might make a few handmade things this year but no lofty goals for this girl. As much as I love Christmas , like a lot of people , the days leading up to it stress me out. It is not uncommon for me to get on the plane to go whereever I'm going, relax , and by the time I get off the plane I'm sick. Need to start making lists.


Lissy said...

I'm a magazine maven myself, especially. Sometime I'll tell you the whole story, but it's too much to write about here. When Gary wants to gift me something small, he buys me British design mags because he knows I don't usually spring for those. :)

Bonne Marie said...

How cool is that magazine! And can you see the price of that cardigan - 260 pounds....

I am reeling from sticker SHOCK!!!

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