I love this weather, foggy and warm ( at least for this time of year). This afternoon I went to Harvard square area and walked around, almost bought yarn , and had a green tea latte and red bean cake (mochi?) from Dado.

Look a flower!

Not sure why but latley I've been into flowers, actually not real ones , but handmade flowers. Really want Nicky Epstein's Knitted Flowers , I swear this book was due out like a month ago and then all of a sudden it says April 2006. Oh well maybe the urge will have passed by then.
Anyways, I made this flower today and I love it . It was fun and easy to make.
Followed the illustrations from The Flower Accessory book , which were pretty detailed, and used felt from the local craft store. First saw this flower and book on Pinku quite awhile ago. Really have know idea if I'll make this into a pin, or what? All I know is that I want to make more, play around with using different fabric and maybe even paper.

So the Big Wool cardigan is now going to be a top down v-neck cardigan. Once again I started something, ripped it out and started again. Kind of winging it , dangerous I know, but also referring toKnitting from the Top by Barbara Walker which I discovered at Knit and Tonic.

Really loving the colors of this Meilenweit Scala yarn and sooo glad I pulled start again with the simpler pattern. Little bit of a ladder thing going on, yes I swear they are there this time, but I think its getting better.

Check out these bears by Anano, they're so sweet.


Lissy said...

Ooooh, I love that flower. If you're going to be making many, will you make one for me? I would make it into a broach/corsage.

Those bears are creepy. They give me the heebies.

Your sock looks great. Don't forget, you're knitting, not manufacturing. ;)

bitterknitter said...

Ohhh, pretty flower!! I really like the colors of the sock, I'm glad you went with the simple pattern.

I didn't look at the bears...gotta go check out that link now!

Jeanette said...

I liked the bears and am very curious about how you made the flower. Was glue involved? It had to be, right? Are you going to bring your flower Wed night?

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