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So in the first photo you see my first start, just simple 1 by 1 ribbing, basically same pattern as my first pair.

Then I saw the lovely Broadripple Socks and decided to pull out and start again.

Not sure if I like it , maybe too much going on with the colors and pattern , perhaps I'll keep going for a bit and see. Actually as I'm writing this I've made up my mind to rip it again , guess I'm still want to keep things simple. I think Broadripple would be better suited for a solid color sock yarn.

Happy to see that Domestic Affair has Take Back the Knit #1 available again. Really enjoyed #2 , good articles and patterns, so I'll definitly be ordering #1.


Lissy said...

Hi, Mara. Another request, if you can stand it. Can you please bring your copy of Take Back the Knit? I'd like to see if I should order it, too.

I think your instincts are right with the sock pattern. I find myself shying away from patterns that are too busy. I guess I'm just a plain vanilla girl. Plus, I guess I don't like my sock knitting to be too complicated/exciting. I do it for relaxation, not a challenge.

Jeanette said...

I like the look of the broad ripple, but you are probably right about shying away from it. I never have gone plain with my varigated sock yarn, and never like the way they turn out.

wenders said...

Thanks for posting about the "new" Take Back the Knit. I have and like the second one and will certainly be sending off for the first. :)

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