Holiday Lights

So I was walking home down the Commonwealth Avenue Mall, its one of my favorite walks. It was so cool tonight with the snow and all but to top it off the twinkle lights went on as I was walking along. When I say twinkle lights I don't mean blinking lights, just white lights, maybe this is wrong but they twinkle like the stars to me so I'm calling them twinkle lights.

So I spent money on something this afternoon. I can't say on what or how much, gulp. Frivolous and wonderfull but I can't say or write it out in the open.
This has brought up my silly irresponsible money habits.
So after today
-Very, limited Starbucks income. No really I mean it, this is an addiction I want to give up anyways. Had tea at home this afternoon, yeap a big step for me. You know Starbucks is very mean, they have THREE locations within five minutes of my apartment, they are evil. At least two of these locations know my drinks, and they are nice.
-I will not buy sock yarn till I've used what I have , which is two pairs worth. This concept can cover a lot of other things as well.
-I will not buy my kalie's,in chestnut of course, for a long while. I was going to get these instead of boots and finish making leg warmers. I already have clogs so I'll still finish my leg warmers.
-Food. Gosh I haven't cooked in so long, never been all that good at it, and my kitchen is so tiny. But my goal is to eat less readymade stuff from Whole Foods and actually make food. Less less less sweets.
-There will be more to this list but its a start.
So I was thinking about all this silly stuff I spend money on, I have so much already, if I could eliminate a lot of my bad habits it would save money, be less stressfull, healthier, and somewhat of a relief.That got me more excited about the whole list of things is the sense of relief. I know perfectly well some things I buy or eat to fill an emotional void or something. I don't know if I'm making any sense but I think this will lead to good things. Something as silly as Starbucks has been really hard for me to stop doing. I just want to be happy with myself not my things. Like the process of making the socks to be just as good as the results.
Sorry to ramble but this has been on my mind lately, even before my purchase today. Ironic though that spending money gets me excited about not spending money. Yikes.
I did laundry today therefore blocking of near finished sweaters happened. If they fit all that will be left is buttons and trimming ends. My sofa cushions came in really handy today.


Lissy said...

Amen, sistah. I dig about the money thang. Actually, I just minutes ago frivolously bought a couple of books online that I had no need for but have wanted for a while. Never mind what bills I haven't paid yet!

The sweaters look fabu. I look forward to seeing them.

Lissy said...

P.S. I LOVE that picture. I'm going to save that to my computer desktop when I get back to Boston. I appreciate the pics you take since I hardly ever get out anymore due to my agoraphobia. I love the twinkle lights, too. In Britain, I believe they call them "fairy lights," so I suppose you can call them anything you damn well please.

Jeanette said...

Now you have me very curious about what your purchase was. Good luck cutting back the "frivolous" spending, the living on a budget thing is hard and not very fun. The sweaters look wonderful! Did you keep track of you pattern for you big wool top down?

wenders said...

Like Lissy and Jeanette, I agree 100% on the 'challanges' of fiscal responsibility (and that coming from someone who just bought a ticket to SPAIN). I think it's hard to do around Christmas/Holidays, so maybe we can be mutually supportive! :)

Christine said...

You beat me to the snow pictures!

Sweaters look good. I actually started a no-budget sweater this weekend because, well, I spent all my money on yarn, so now I'm broke.

bitterknitter said...

Excel makes for an amazing way to keep track of a budget! That and automatic transfers into my savings account are what saves me. I managed to limit my shopping this weekend to x-mas stuff (it was sooo hard not to buy myself something pretty)!

Pretty sweaters :)

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