Vesper Aqua Melon

I loooove this yarn. Its so smooth on the needles and the colors are luscious. Definitly going to need more of this yarn to make more socks.

I have taken FOREVER to finish MNSS cardigan but it is very close to being done, so close I can taste it. Finished the double crochet ruffles last night , and all that need to be done is the ends, washing and blocking, and sewing on the buttons. Almost makes me want to do laundry before the weekend, almost.

So I thought I'd show you the button collection I inherited from my mom. I've added a few myself but I gotta say I have no idea where she got them all from. I especially remember the jar from my childhood and there are certain buttons I would occasionally pull out and look at. Its always fun to go rummaging through looking for buttons for a sweater I'm finishing.

And look I found the perfect ones. Perfect size and colors. Colors because there are two tones going on here which I really like. I was even thinking of having them all be different but I couldn't find enough variety in this color range.

My latest "ooooh I want that" is from Talla Design. I think the whole fall/winter 2005 collection is really good but what I'm lusting after most is the Orange Free Bird Bag.


Lissy said...

You are fully converted to sockdom now. I LOVE that yarn. It's so yummy. Congrats. I'm on sock number 2 of the knitpicks autumn in new england colorway for my sister's girlfriend. I also knitted today on my own Cherry Tree Hill sox because I didn't have the second skein for the other pair wound yet. Good excuse to be selfish, no?

Christine said...

I love the buttons; they remind me of toffee.

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