I Knew Better
Yet I did it anyways. I had Rowan Big Wool mittens that I threw in a lingerie bag and then threw in the washer. They shrunk and felted a bit. I knew this yet I still threw my just finished cardigan in the washer the same way. Soooooo its now a cropped cardigan. Uggg its kind of stiff. I knew better. On the other hand all the other handknits I washed that day , socks , MNSS cardigan, they came out fine. Seems that yarns that are more loosely spun need to be more gently treated, darn, I'm just so lazy with my laundry. I hate hand washing and I do not own an iron.

I might be able to block it out a bit bigger.
I deserved this.

Moving on.
I need warmth on my hands. All I have are wrist warmers, and gloves that have a hole in a finger and are a bit too small.
I think mittens this time and I need to get moving because true winter came to Boston today.

Digging through my stash these are some options.
-Green Rowan tweed yarn (Rowan tweed?).
-Brown and Grey heather fine weight wool, big stripes?
-Pink Rowan Kid Classic, sport weight.
Hmmm any preferences?
Oh and hiding in the upper right corner is a ball of Rowan plaid, not enough for mittens I think, but what a lovely hat it could make.

Pulled out this "in progress for oh a maybe a year" project. Legwarmers to wear with clogs so I don't have to buy boots. Stranding together Rowan Kidsilk Haze and Cascade 220(?). I love the feel and look of these.
Have you guessed that I love Rowan?


Jeanette said...

Love the Cardigan!

bitterknitter said...

Your cardigan looks great. It appears to fit perfectly and is very flattering!

I vote for brown and grey gloves!

I was thinking on the way home yesterday, I bet the fuzz yarn will make your legwarmers super warm. Fuzz yarn (aka mohair) does that right?

Lissy said...

I think the cardi looks wonderful, though I liked it looser as well. It's easier to adapt when you have a good figure.

Being adverse to "ish" colors, I don't feel strongly in favor of any of those yarns, but I know you wouldn't be happy with purple, which is my fave. :)

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