Lesson I learned today.
Don't ever get the address wrong on a package you have already sent out.
It is nearly imposseble to fix, and you WILL have an extremly frustrating experience with a person working for whomever you sent it out through. Don't try to fix it, wait to see if package gets sent back, you will make it worse if you try to intervene.
I now know this.
The key to not letting this ruin my day. Coffee, scone, knitting, and a few hours alone in my apartment.

I did do some holiday shopping today as well but did it in a small dose and rewarded myself with another coffee.

Look I found another heart today, yippy!

My mission, which I choose to accept, is to not read these magazines till December 21st. On said day I will be traveling to Kansas for Christmas. Save these for airplane ride, I can do this.

Thats eleven days from now!
Maybe I should have waited to buy them.

These are a some blogs I have been inspired by latley.
I love reading them and they make me want to make things.
Molly Chicken


Sam said...

You have amazing willpower if you do not read thsoe magazines for 11 days. I would last an hour or two at the most.

Lissy said...

I always save Vogue knitting for the trip home, too. I just put it out of sight.

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