Today was Bazaar Bizarre! I went last year and even though its a madhouse I had to go again this year. You can find info about it at the craftser blog
Tons of very cool handmade stuff.
Knitting, yarn, clothes, bags, pins and tons more I can't think of right now.
The people watching is cool, so many people wearing such amazing and original clothing.
So I fell in love at Bazaar Bizarre.
With a sweater.

It says "Leave room for cream"
How could I say no.
Also bought some gifty things so I can't show them.
You can also see in the top right corner the pile of cards I took. All seem to have websites, oooh fun internet time coming up.

This morning I finished the first Aqua Melon sock.
This time its sixty stitches on size two's, and I think this is my favorite fit so far.
Started to feel like I was never going to finish this sock, but on Friday I was stuck in a car driving home in a snowstorm. So what was normally an hour drive took about two in half hours. Lots of knitting once the scary driving parts were over, oh I was a passenger and thank goodness for that.

At this moment and time everything I'm working on is in the round on double pointed needles and in one by one rib.
Uhh okay.
Second aqua melon sock.
Second leg warmer.
First pink mitten ( see picture of pink fuzz).

I think I want to add something to these pink mittens. What about a star or skull and cross bones in a pale cream color? Hmmm I like this.
Think I'm being influenced by the craft fair today.

Took this on the walk home. I love walking thru the park after its snowed.

If you admire fashion check out Flickr wardrobe remix, its amazing.
Lots of creative people showing you what they wear.
Careful there's a lot to look through and its totally addictive.
Sort of reminds me of Fruits
So in setting up this Amazon link I discovered that there is Fresh Fruits. Will have to find a bookstore soon to peruse.


abby powell said...

Beautiful pink mittens! Can't wait to see what you knit in the cream color! How is the new Interweave? I mus get a copy...

abby powell said...

ok-i see that you haven't read it yet..I need to finish reading posts before commenting! whoops..

wenders said...

i missed out on the Bizarre Baazar?! I am so out of the loop. SOunds like fun - I can't wait to hear about it!

bitterknitter said...

I thought about going to the Bizarre Baazar, but then forgot about it (busy weekend and all)! There is a list of vendors somewhere on the internets with the websites, it looked really cool.

Yay for another sock! And a fuzz mitten to go with the fuzz legwarmers!

Lissy said...

How uncanny! I just bought that book Fruits when I was in Philadelphia. Got it at the art museum. I wish you hadn't told me there's a sequel. Now I will have to buy that! Love those sox.

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