First off sorry for all the blurriness of photos.
So I start off all holidayishy.
I buy all the wrappings, ribbons, having fun at this point.

Then the gifts , got that.

So its at this point, double digits in the December month, that I run into trouble.
Actually wrapping and sending packages off ON TIME.
I really do like the holidays, I swear.
I am my own worst enemy at times.
Below is what I'd rather be doing.

Oh yeah, this happened about a week ago.
I don't know how I did this.

Buttonhole's that are supposed to be evenly spaced.


wenders said...

maybe we can make a pact to go to the post office together before SnB Wednesday? My goal is to get everything in the mail by next Monday...I hope that's enough time for things to get to Texas! :)

And when you figure out buttonholes, let me know.

Christine said...

Oh, crap. I forgot about the whole mailign stuff business...

bitterknitter said...

Priority mail is about the same price as first class, and it gets stuff to CA in 3 days, to Kansas in 2. I stupidly bought my sis a present that I can't carry on the airplane (a set of silverware) so I have to mail that to my parents house instead of taking it with me. I HATE going to the post office, I was there for an hour last Saturday, which I now know is a bad day to go.

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