The Sock Addiction Continues.
Its a happy addiction, love socks. Decided this was the case when I couldn't imagine not having a pair of socks on the needles.
I started the Jaywalker socks in Kansas as well, and if anyone out there does not know about this pattern let me tell ya it is easy (so far) and fun (so far). I figure I live in the same town as Grumperina and I am a Jaywalker, I may as well jump on the bandwagon and make a pair. The yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock that I got at the Kpixie trunk show.

Have actually made some progress since this picture but I like this photo because it shows the colors well. I like how the colors are spiraling around the leg.

So I thought I would show you a couple of Christmas gifts that I recieved.
I love these books, so excited to get them, but I haven't sat down for a good long read with them yet. Maybe tonight, theres a hat in Loop-d-Loop I think I will make in the near future.

The Art of Knitting book has amazing images, colors, nature, texture, stitches, very cool.

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Lissy said...

I'm excited that you're so into socks. That same revelation came over me when I lost my backpack and along with it two pairs of socks. I didn't feel right again until I cast on another pair. Then I really sighed with contentment and relief!

Glad you got loop-d-loop. I think it's a really brilliant book. The author is actually a great writer and very cerebral (sp?). She's an artist. I think you'll really relate to this book.

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