Self Portrait Tuesday
Personal History

This bookcase holds so much personal history for me. From the bookcase itself to everything inside.
Here are some of them;
My grandmothers Shakespeare, with love from my grandfather.
My first woven piece from art school.
A set of Anne of Green Gables. A gift from a dear friend who taught me how to knit.
Pat the Bunny book I had as a child.
French bindings I started but have not finished when I interned in Sweden for a summer.
A book I repaired and made a box for when I was in school.
Laurie Colwin, Banana Yoshimoto, books I have read and reread several times.

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Lissy said...

you were talking about moving on from the past last week, but I think it's heartwarming and comforting to have a past, particularly physical talismans to hang on to. It makes it all more real and an even sweeter memory.

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