Half a Jaywalker.
OOh I like.

Gotta say I hate this photo, but it shows my best heel yet. No holes. Yippi, yeah, do a little dance, make a little (what disco song did that turn into?)

And the reason for the blurry photo is to talk about the toe. Still kitchener but the pattern has you work across 14 on each needle, flatter. The usual pattern I have used its 4 on each needle, pointier. So far I'm saying flatter is better.

So in the Socknitters yahoo group people are reviewing their socks of 2005. I had just done my laundry and got inspired. Just imagine how it will look when I've knit a gazillion more (which I will).

In this post I used;
Bad photos
Horrible grammer (And)
I showed you my laundry (at least its clean)
Started humming, writing, and sharing a disco tune I can't remember the words to.

I think its time for bed. Night Night.


Jeanette said...

Your Jaywalkers look great! I love all your hanging hand knit socks.

wenders said...

I, too, love the hanging socks! Get down tonight!

Lissy said...

Get Down Tonight, by K.C. and the Sunshine Band! Yeeeha!

bitterknitter said...

You've been knitting those socks so fast! I didn't realize that you had already finished so many! You have such a nice variety of colors and stripeyness too, I like.

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